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You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for your CT exam. Metal objects can affect the image, so avoid clothing with zippers and snaps. You may be asked to remove hairpins, jewelry, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and any removable dental work that could obscure the images. You may also be asked to refrain from eating or drinking anything for an hour or longer before the exam. Always inform your doctor or X-ray technologist if there is any possibility that you may be pregnant. This exam should not be performed if you are pregnant. If you are allergic to iodine contrast or breastfeeding, please inform our staff.

Based on your medical history, you may also be asked to submit to certain lab requirements.

General Instructions

CT Spine
Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar
No preparation necessary.

CT Body
Abdominal / Pelvis, Kidneys and Retroperitoneal
All Scans: If possible, drink plenty of fluids starting 24 hours before your exam.
CT with contrast: Patients 65 or older must have Creatinine and BUN labs performed prior to exam. NPO (nothing by mouth) 4 hours prior to your exam.
CT non-contrast: No preparation necessary.

CT: General
No contrast Brain, Head, Neck, Chest and Extremities
Some exams may require that you remain NPO (nothing by mouth) 4 hours prior to your exam. You make take medications if necessary. Some CT scans (with or without contrast) require you to drink an oral contrast 2 hours prior to your arrival. Diabetics, may take medication as normal. If taking glucophage or metformin, notify our office prior to your exam.

Oral Contrast Instructions

If your study requires the use of oral contrast, in order to perform the exam as safely and accurately as possible, it is important that you do not eat or drink for three (4) hours before the arrival time, except for the gastroview preparation materials given for patients needing abdominal CT exams.

Gastroview Preparation Instructions: (BEGIN DRINKING 90 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL TIME)

Pour the entire contents of the Gastroview bottle into a 1 liter container. Add water to container to make 1 liter of liquid. Replace cap, invert and shake vigorously of 15 seconds. Let mixture stand for 5 minutes. Begin to drink this mixture 90 minutes prior to your arrival time. Drink 10 oz. every 30 minutes.


Note: Gastroview liquid may cause slight diarrhea.

If you are taking GLUCOPHAGE, contact our office before beginning the above preparation.

IV Contrast Instructions

Do not eat or drink (4) hours prior to your exam. Regular prescribed medications may be taken with a small drink of water.

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